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About Riyad Al Jarei Fund

Investment Objective

Riyad Al Jarei Fund came into existence on 10th June 2001 in Saudi Arabia. Since then, the fund has managed to mark its position in the Saudi Arabia market for providing reliable returns to traders on their investments. The fund is open-ended in nature, stating that any individual can purchase the fund's units without any restrictions.

Being managed by Riyad Capital, the fund charges a minimal management cost from investors for successfully handling its portfolio. The fund onboards highly efficient investment managers who conduct thorough research before finalizing any firm for making investments. They ensure to select the equities wisely that offer great returns on their investment.

Individuals can start investing in this fund with a minimum value of SAR 5000. They don't get a free hand in investing any amount below the stated value. The fund managers fix this value to ensure they have sufficient funds to let the fund operate without any problem.

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FAQs about Riyad Al Jarei Fund

What type of returns does Riyad Al Jarei Fund offer?

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Riyad Al Jarei Fund offers reasonable returns to users when they make investments in this fund. However, they must ensure that they invest for a longer timeframe.

How risky is the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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Riyad Al Jarei Fund is a high-risk fund. This implies that the fund demands investors keep track of the fund's performance and be prepared for any losses.

What is the minimum amount that you need to invest in the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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The minimum amount required for investing in the Riyad Al Jarei Fund is SAR 5000. This value is specified by the fund managers, with which investors can start the payment.

What is the annual management fee of the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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The annual management fee of Riyad Al Jarei Fund is 0.85%. This amount is charged to make the payment to investment managers.

What is the Fund Type of the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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Riyad Al Jarei Fund is an open-ended fund. This states that the fund units can be withdrawn anytime by the investor as per their will.

Who manages the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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Riyad Al Jarei Fund is managed by Riyad Capital. The firm is recognized for providing exceptional services in the region.

What is the Riyad Al Jarei Fund's Goal?

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The primary goal of Riyad Al Jarei Fund is to help investors gain revenue in the long run by investing in equities based on Shariah guidelines.

What is the expense ratio of the Riyad Al Jarei Fund?

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The expense ratio of the Riyad Al Jarei Fund is 0.10%. This value is demanded from investors investing in this fund on an annual basis.

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