Top Stock Trading Apps in 2023

Top Stock Trading Apps in 2023
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Placing an order for dinner, paying monthly bills, and keeping track of daily chores are the most common activities performed via your smartphone. It won't be wrong to say that everyone's life revolves around their mobile phone in today's time. And to join this trend, stock trading and investment have followed suit. 

Whether a novice or experienced active trader, the dilemma for each investor would be which stock trading app from this competitive marketplace best meets your requirements and desires. Here, we'll discuss the top stock trading apps you can count on.

15 Best Stock Trading Apps 

1. Nakla

Nakla is your go-to option if you look for an app with a seamless layout and eliminate hefty trading commissions. No matter whether you are trading exchange-traded funds, shares, cryptocurrency, or futures, Nakla has got you covered. You can trade without the fear of giving commission fees and get the advantage of working on a decent mobile interface. The simplified application is easy to use, and afterward, you'll be moving from screen to screen as you trade the sector.

The app is also ideal for mutual fund investors, with over 800 no-transaction-fee products, one of the sector's most excellent options. You'll also receive timely responses to your queries from customer support.


E*TRADE is ranked first for its mobile app suite, which is accessible for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The E*TRADE bundle includes the E*TRADE Mobile app, which is designed for daily investment, and the vivid Power E*TRADE app, designed for trading.

E*TRADE Mobile boasts a startling level of depth and diversity of capabilities, making it ideal for novices and more demanding clients. There are sophisticated study reports available and graphing with ten indicators. The app is simple to use and find new features.

In contrast, Power E*TRADE provides complicated trading orders featuring advanced strategies orders and over 100 charting indicators. It is a powerful platform with complex capabilities for professional traders, yet the app's modern style and usability make it simple to use.

3. eToro

eToro gives you access to 17 worldwide markets and over 3,500 traded assets. This comprises equities, commodities, ETFs, contracts for differences (CFDs), treasuries, indexes, and options.

In addition, you will benefit from zero commission ETF and stock trading, which will help you improve your investment skills in the long run. eToro is among the top stock market applications for iPhone and Android users, with over 23.2 million traders taking advantage of the platform's unique features.

To protect customer cash and information, eToro implements cutting-edge security techniques. The platform is governed by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC in the United Kingdom.

There are no costs for deposits or upkeep. However, eToro charges $5 for withdrawals. eToro also provides a copy trading tool known as CopyTrader, which allows inexperienced users to mimic the trading tactics and successful transactions of more experienced investors.

4. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is among the nation's biggest brokers, with over $10 trillion in assets under management. This product entered our list of the top trading applications for several reasons.

One advantage is that you can conveniently make all your investments from the inside app. With the business, you may create a typical trading account, retirement plans, 529 plans or other school savings plans, and other sorts of accounts. Fidelity ought to be able to assist you regardless of your motive for saving.

Fidelity makes trading simple for newcomers. There are no minimum balance or investment amounts forced to spend in Fidelity mutual funds. The firm even provides zero-expense-ratio index funds, allowing you to construct a diversified portfolio without paying any investing costs.

If you want to trade specific securities, the app makes it simple to do so. You may also trade preferred stock, which allows you to invest in hundreds of companies or ETFs for as little as $1.

5. Webull

Webull is a new stock app released in 2017 and has rapidly become the most famous stock trading application on the market.

Webull allows customers to invest in hundreds of stocks from around the world. So, whether you choose to invest in prominent US equities like Amazon and Netflix or European or Asian markets, Webull has you covered. Webull also provides ETFs, futures, and ADRs in addition to stocks.

Its key selling feature is that you get the advantage of selling in stocks, ETFs, and options with no commission, making it one of the most affordable stock trading applications on the market. Webull does not even charge options contract costs.

Webull may not have the same distinctive properties as platforms such as eToro, but it does have some attractive qualities and handy tools. It, for instance, provides extended hours of trading, allowing you to trade before and beyond market hours. Charting, technical analysis, and premium Level 2 Advance (NASDAQ Total View) are also available to assist you in making smart trades and investments.

6. Betterment

Betterment is among the most prominent and most influential Robo-advisors. The app offers professionally managed portfolios adjusted against your appetite for risk and when you need the money. Betterment may build socially accountable portfolios emphasizing climatic changes or social implications.

The app can recommend investments with a more significant potential return if you're ready to take on a little more chance. Betterment can also help you create a more secure portfolio. Then include a strong (and free) cash handling account. Set up Betterment and then relax while the experts do the rest.

Betterment pays a substantially lower fee than a typical financial consultant. The management cost for the primary account is 0.25 percent, which is a competitive price in the Robo-advisor sector, or $25 per year for each $10,000 invested. 

However, like with any Robo-advisor, you will have to pay a small fee for the ETFs in which Betterment invests. There is no account limit, and you may select investment objectives such as a security net or pension.

7. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade excels far beyond the free trading application, which is among the finest we've seen. Mixing TD Ameritrade's app features with its well-regarded customer service, a diverse range of investment vehicles, account options, and the most powerful trading platforms reveals why the broker is a strong contender to consider. 

This isn't to imply that TD Ameritrade is perfect in every way. Investors interested in fractional shares or cryptocurrency, for example, will need to search elsewhere.

TD Ameritrade Mobile is ideal for regular investors with functionality like headlines, pricing alerts, synchronization watch lists, basic charting, and reviews and study reports from third-party suppliers.

8. Kite by Zerodha

Kite by Zerodha is a new and popular software that has gained popularity recently. This Bangalore-based startup has been churning some incredible features and creating ripples in the stock trading market.

As a result, several experienced investors have recommended Zerodha to their millennial consumers who are new to stock trading.

Advantages of the app

  • Low brokerage fees in comparison to inexpensive brokers.
  • A fantastic marketplace with an excellent user interface.
  • Excellent charting solution.

9. Stash

Stash is a strong competitor for the finest stock trading app in terms of trading strategy selection. Stash is designed to make stock market investment simple for newcomers. According to the company, users may choose between DIY investing and a robotic encounter with Robo-portfolio advisors.

Stash charges a $3 administration fee for automatic investment and a monthly cost ranging from $1 to $9. The investing expense ratio is 0.06 percent for sensible portfolios, with a 1 percent instant transfer charge. However, you can utilize the ordinary standard fee to avoid paying any costs.

10. Acorns

Acorns is a brand-new stock trading application that largely relies on the reward system. The US-based share trading application enables consumers to round up their credit or debit card transactions and deposit the difference into the share trading app for convenient investing. It is especially well-suited to individuals wishing to simplify their investment process.

Acorns works as a savings platform and may help you get started saving for retirement. Acorns' main asset is its Robo-advisor technology, which allows customers to round up their transactions and put the difference in their investment portfolio. This money is then distributed across ESG ETF holdings.

Acorns have frequently been ridiculed for their flat-fee structure. Following a $10 sign-up bonus, a private account with an IRA and a checking account will cost $3. Other costs comprise investing expense ratios that range from 0.05 percent to 0.18 percent.

You will be charged $50 for each ETF moved to a supplementary supplier if you switch your account to another broker.

Acorns is a Robo-advisor investing app, meaning there is no human adviser help available. In addition, the investment broker provides five primary savings and investment schemes.

11. Robinhood

Robinhood is a simple trading program that enables you to trade stocks, derivatives, and cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin). Robinhood members have access to a cash handling function that allows them to accrue interest on cash holdings and the $5 monthly fee. The site's premium edition, Robinhood Gold, includes $1,000 in interest-free reserve and accessibility to Morningstar equity research findings.

Robinhood enables you to purchase stocks without paying any commissions. The Robinhood stock app does not levy monthly or yearly banking fees. Instead, the margin is the only charge you need to ponder. 

As you'd anticipate from an extensive stock app, it includes some handy features. First, it includes outstanding materials, such as starting instructions and in-depth feature articles, which are quite beneficial to novice investors. Robinhood's cash management option is also handy since it enables you to earn 0.30 percent APY on your unspendable funds.

12. Merill Edge

Merrill Edge, its trading services, and the investment app are a natural fit for Bank of America consumers. Merrill Edge, however, is not solely appropriate for that population. Merrill Edge is a leading stockbroker to examine for anyone looking for a single location to handle the bulk of their financial needs.

Furthermore, Merrill Edge's mobile investment app seamlessly connects with Bank of America's banking app, as seen by its robust iOS and Android app reviews. However, investors looking for a premier trading platform or accessibility to invest in bitcoins should consider alternatives.

13. InteractiveBrokers

Most people prefer to be very active traders, transferring funds in and out of stocks many times each day. Day trading in this manner may be a profitable, though dangerous, business. Having competent stock trading software allows you to operate from anywhere using your phone.

InteractiveBrokers was created with these professional traders in view. You may execute over 100 order types to purchase and trade investments such as stocks and futures and stretch your bank account to trade on margin, boosting your possible benefits (or losses).

The price system is straightforward, with specific trades being absolutely free and others costing parts of a penny per share transferred, with a maximum charge of 1% of the deal value.

14. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab seems to be another well-known zero-commission brokerage business and a leading stock app for new investors. Charles Schwab provides access to 30 overseas markets, 12 of which are dedicated to the highest overseas markets with real-time quotations.

Other benefits include fractional share investment in S&P 500 businesses for as little as $5. Furthermore, with the Schwab Global Account, Charles Schwab permits $0 minimums and provides a high-quality investing app.

15. SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest is among the most significant stock brokerages for first-time investors. SoFi's app is less extensive than its major rivals, but it is easier to browse and comprehend if you do not have much market expertise.

SoFi provides taxable plans, pension plans, and a more limited choice of investing options. Alternatively, stocks and ETFs are highly represented. SoFi also provides a no-fee automatic investing platform and the ability to invest in fractional shares via a product called Stock Bits.

The SoFi app's stock trading area provides primary fundamental data and recent price graphs for authorized assets. Newbies will appreciate looking through categories of stocks to acquire ideas about how to invest. The app also provides educational content that may be accessed from stock account web pages.


Stock trading apps are excellent tools for users to trade or monitor their financial portfolios while on the road. You may obtain assistance with financial selections and take actions to improve your money over time with the correct software. Consider the account minimums and fees imposed and if the app is created for traders that meet your profile while looking for the ideal app for you.

Best Trading App FAQs

Which is the best trading app in Saudi Arabia?

The best trading app in Saudi Arabia is IQ Option. The app is famous for its low margins, advanced trading interface, free demo account possibilities, and prompt customer service. It is an incredible tool for traders seeking to invest in options on a feature-rich and user-friendly platform. However, you can also explore Nakla, which helps you make an informed decision while trading.

Which is the best stock trading app for beginners?

E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade are the most satisfactory stock trading applications for newbies in 2023. In terms of instructional materials and trading tools, TD Ameritrade has the upper hand. Meanwhile, E*TRADE distinguishes out for its user-friendliness.

Which is the safest stock trading app?

The most secure stock applications are provided by the most excellent and most reputable brokers. In 2023, the following brokers provide the most secure stock apps:

E*TRADE: Perfect stock applications for traders

TD Ameritrade: Top app for options

Fidelity: Perfect stock applications for investors

Interactive Brokers: Best for knowledgeable experts

What is the best investment analysis app?

WallStreetZen and TrendSpider can be the preferable investment analysis app in the market. Trading tools are available to help investors and day traders enhance the stock analysis procedure to locate the best stocks. These might be quantitative data analysis methods for chart-based trade assessment or stock research instruments with enormous information capacities for underlying data analysis.

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