Robo vs Financial Advisors: The Preferable Option

Robo vs Financial Advisors: The Preferable Option
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Aug 19, 2022
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Feb 8, 2023
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Robo Advisors have skyrocketed in recent years with the automated investment experts rapidly increasing assets under management, most into the billions. They came in an age of software, tech-focused, and internet investing marketplaces. But, how are they different from traditional financial advisors? This article will shed light on the significant differences between Robo Advisors vs. financial advisors.

Financial Advisor Overview

A financial advisor is a specialist you may employ to assist you in managing various parts of your personal finance. You will typically work one-on-one with your consultant or dedicated staff. This way they will get to know you and your position. It will become easier for them to assist you in developing customized investment advice or a more comprehensive financial model.

The assistance you get from an expert can differ widely when discussing the services. Hence, you require conducting your survey and come up with appropriate questions. Several acknowledged financial experts aim mainly for retirement and investment purposes. 

As a result, they charge a cost depending on how much you spend, which is approximately 1%. Certain advisers may provide various planning services, but they are subordinate to your investments.

Some financial planners use a more contemporary approach, combining human guidance with technology. You will be assigned a professional consultant and receive tailored advice that considers all areas of life, not just your assets.

Robo Advisors Overview

Robo Advisors differ from one corporation to another. In general, a Robo Advisor is a digital service that offers automated investing solutions based on your choices. Robo Advisors evaluate your risk level and investing objectives using a survey you fill out. A Robo Advisor then builds and manages your investment portfolio using powerful complex algorithms and technology.

Robo Advisors may help with anything from portfolio development and automated rebalancing to tax efficiency. Even though Robo Advisors need little to no oversight, most suppliers have human consultants on hand. They answer any queries they may have along their way.

The fees charged by Robo Advisors are determined by the amount of money invested. They usually vary between 0.25 and 0.50 percent of your total balance. Rest assured that you pay minimal when compared to the charges you pay for a typical financial expert. However, you'll witness less personal connection and planning assistance. 

You'll get online access to a dashboard with a Robo Advisor that records your objectives and provides self-guided methodologies.

Robo Advisors vs. Human Financial advisors

Previously, we have discussed the concepts of Robo Advisors and humans. Now let’s check the differences between Robo Advisors vs. brokers.


Robo Advisors are an excellent choice for people on a shoestring budget who wish to make specific investments without incurring costs. Investment managers may have stringent minimum criteria, making it difficult for investors to join the industry. Hence, opt for financial advisors only when most of your income is in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Time Savings

Robo saves a lot of time in less complicated financial situations. Consumers with minor financial issues will probably save time with a Robo Advisor because no face-to-face interactions are required. The consumer relationship is managed online, with inquiries answered by SMS, or mail by a person or an automated feedback mechanism.

In more intricate financial circumstances, financial advisors save time. Investors with outstanding portfolios and complicated situations will undoubtedly discover that working with a human consultant saves them time. This is due to the advisor's knowledge and skills, which may rapidly throw light on the optimal course of action.

Coaching And Guidance

Robo is not intended to provide personalized recommendations. The Robo advising sector was never intended to provide personal financial advice. Instead, they handled minimal portfolio management focused on predefined financial goals. As a result, the Robo sector differs significantly from its human advisors equivalent. 

Robo's merits include its affordable charges, which may significantly affect portfolio performance. As a result, Robo Advisors frequently allure do-it-yourself investors looking for a good deal.

Financial advisors outperform machine coaching capabilities, particularly during market downturns. Investing is frequently about a customer's plans pertaining to family, colleagues, and culture. They can clarify the what and the why of every financial choice. Moreover, they assist people through life transitions such as work shifts, separation, and mortgage repayment.

Portfolio Management Intensity

When you initially join up with a Robo Advisor, you'll be asked to fill - out a questionnaire. This develops a profile that specifies your risk tolerance and investing goals. Following that, the Robo Advisor will offer a few investment strategies based on your profile. 

Alternatively, a financial advisor conducts a detailed financial evaluation to understand investing objectives, commitments, and your short and long-term goals. Here, a financial advisor comes into the picture as an online survey form can reveal so much about the clients.

Eye-to-Eye Comparison Between Robo Advisors Vs. Financial Advisors

ParametersRobo AdvisorsFinancial Advisors
ServicesThey are usually restricted to investment management. Planning assistance is limited at more excellent investment rates.Frequently restricted to capital management. Some financial experts provide financial planning services.
Ideal ForPerfect for sole investment motives.Perfect for complicated services like estate planning.
CostIt is less costly than hiring a financial advisor.Provide more detailed recommendations depending on your requirements.
Portfolio ManagementYou need to fill up a form given by the service provider that gives insights about you to the Robo Advisors.Financial advisors perform in-depth research to gain details about their clients.


Picking between a Robo Advisor vs. active management may appear to be a difficult task. However, it is preferable to make an intelligent selection and begin investing so that you may benefit from investment returns.

A Robo Advisor can be a good solution for money management. This can be true particularly if you're starting on your investment path and your demands are straightforward. As your demands get more complicated, it is essential to engage a financial advisor. They are involved in your performance to ensure you get the best advice.

Robo vs Financial Advisors FAQs

Are Robo Advisors replacing financial advisors?

The simple answer is NO. While Robo Advisors are becoming more capable and receiving media coverage, they are still far from replacing human financial advisors. Robo advisers may be beneficial for new investors with minimal resources. Still, they miss the entire package of advantages that would allow them to be natural alternatives for conventional, human financial advisors.

Do Robo Advisors outperform financial advisors?

A financial advisor can either exceed or underperform the sector and will almost certainly do over both tenures. The advantage of a Robo Advisor over a financial advisor lies in explicit financial decisions and portfolio management, not in outcomes.

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