About Nakla

Hassle-free, Transparent, and Seamless Solutions to all your Financial Needs.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nakla is a renowned investment platform for financial services.

Around 75% of the population in Saudi Arabia is under 35 years old. They own Their  own  cash funds which they have put into online gaming  but do not have access to advanced tools and possess minimal knowledge of how to invest their money. They lack access to the right advice, which can assist them to invest wisely. 

To bridge this gap, we came up with a platform wherein the investors could get an automated solution based on mathematical algorithms. Our tools can assist them to invest in such funds that offer high returns. This can play a significant role in building a robust financial ecosystem in the MENA region. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support transparency for financial markets stakeholders, starting by delivering the necessary tools and information to make the appropriate financial decisions; and to make the investment process simpler, more intelligent, and easy within a secure and trusted environment.

Our primary goal is to streamline the investment process that will contribute to growing individual investments which will help achieve one of the objectives of the Financial Sector Development Program (Vision 2030).